City Scholars is a premier internship program that leverages the next-generation engineering and computing workforce to build Chicago tech.

The Grainger College of Engineering enables students to apply top-ranked education to hands-on learning. City Scholars students and partners collaborate to innovate solutions, break ceilings, and contribute to a successful future for the Illinois Silicon Prairie. 

Since 2018, our program has streamlined the application and recruiting process for internships and has committed to building an elite tech workforce of Grainger Engineering graduates in Chicago. 

Corporate Partners

City Scholars program empowers corporate partners to identify, hire and retain some of the world’s most talented engineers and computer scientists and encourages students to reinvest their skills into long-term careers in Chicago. 

Students are trained in the latest engineering and computing techniques to bring advanced skills to your company. 

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Do you want to have a role in Chicago's tech ecosystem? Do you have an idea for the next big tech startup? 

Live in Chicago and gain professional experience while staying on track to graduate in a semester-long study and work program or startup accelerator

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“City Scholars helps us build an early talent pipeline, bring them to work in Chicago, convert them to part-time students in Research Park; we continue working with them again at Research Park or in Chicago, and then convert them into our rotational program.”

Johanna Acevedo
John Deere IT Operations Leader