Compensation and Hours

  • All City Scholars interns are paid a rate within the City Scholars approved range of $25-45 per hour for the term agreed to in the contract signed by each participating company.
  • If an intern decides to continue employment after the duration of the City Scholars internship, the same hourly rate no longer applies and may be adjusted.
  • City Scholars interns are expected to work 20 hours per week.

Semester Events and Academic Schedule

Sample intern schedule: 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8 hours internship 8 hours internship 4 hours internship  TE 440  
  • It is not acceptable for students to make up missed hours due to vacation or office closures by working more than 20 hours in one week.
  • Companies are encouraged to allow students to take off work during academic breaks, including Thanksgiving week and Spring Break. Exact dates can be found on the University of Illinois of Urbana-Champaign academic calendar.
  • Final exams will be administered in Chicago. The dates for final exams are indicated on the semester academic calendar. Internships should have concluded before Reading Day (the day immediately preceding the first day of exams).

Resources Available to City Scholars Students

  • City Scholars take classes at the Discovery Partners Institute, 200 S Wacker Dr. They have 24/7 access to this facility for study spaces, group projects, etc.
  • All City Scholars have access to facilities and services provided to University of Illinois Chicago students, regardless of whether they live on or off campus. These resources include the Student Health Center, recreation facilities, tutoring services, counseling services, libraries and computer labs.
  • City Scholars can opt-in to a U-Pass for the semester. This gives them unlimited rides on CTA buses and trains during academic semesters. The U-Pass does not cover Metra trains.

Information for International Student Interns

  • All international students must apply for curricular practical training (CPT). The process to apply for CPT through the University is outlined here. International students must also enroll in the City Scholars section of ENG 310 as part of their CPT requirements.