Classes Offered

City Scholars students are required to take a full course load (12 - 15 credits) of University of Illinois classes (in-person in Chicago or online). International students must adhere to all standards for in-person instruction and a minimum of 9 credits must contain in-person instruction.

Students are expected to work 20 hours a week at internships. Students do not work on Thursdays as TE 440 is held in-person that day. A sample schedule is provided below. 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8 hours internship 8 hours internship 4 hours internship  TE 440  

Required Classes

City Scholars are required to take TE 440 Engineering City Scholars (3 credits). Class takes place in-person on Thursdays.

  • CS students: TE 440 counts towards two advanced elective credits and one free elective.
  • ECE students: TE 440 counts as one tech elective credit and two free elective credits.

For additional questions about classes, please visit our FAQ page.

Classes Offered

Classes offered in person or specifically for City Scholars will differ slightly each semester of the City Scholars program. See below for classes offered in past semesters. This is not a guarantee that every course on the list will be offered every semester, but the courses listed include those most often offered to City Scholars.

Legend: In-Person, Coursera, Support for Chicago Students

Computer Sciences (CS) Courses 

CS 210: 
Ethical & Professional Issues
CS 421: 
Prog. Languages & Compilers
CS 445: 
Computational Photography
CS 211: 
Ethical & Professional Conduct
CS 426: 
Compiler Construction
CS 447: 
Natural Language Processing
CS 341: 
System Programming
CS 427: 
Software Engineering I
CS 461: 
Computer Security I
CS 357: 
Numerical Methods I
CS 435: 
Cloud Networking
CS 465: 
User Interface Design
CS 409: 
Art of Web Programming
CS 437: 
Topics in Internet of Things
CS 466: 
Introduction to Bioinformatics
CS 411: 
Database Systems
CS 441: 
Applied Machine Learning
CS 483: 
Applied Parallel Programming
CS 418: 
Interactive Computer Graphics

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Courses

ECE 310/311: 
Digital Signal Processing
ECE 313: 
Probability with Engineering Applications
ECE 391: 
Computer Systems Engineering
ECE 408: 
Applied Parallel Programming
ECE 422: 
Computer Security I

Classes Not Offered

The following courses will not be offered in Chicago as part of the City Scholars program:

  • CS 361
  • CS 374
  • ECE 329
  • ECE 385
  • ECE 411
  • ECE 445